High-Level Leadership, Low-Level Stress

High-Level Leadership, Low-Level Stress


How to win in business without losing your mind.

What comes to mind when you think of a good leader? Is it someone who is autocratic, or someone who is collaborative? Someone who is vested in your growth to see you succeed or someone who has the sink-or-swim mentality? Is it someone who is stressed out most of the time or is calm and collected?

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The Importance of Low-Stress

About Neeti and Her Cause

Neeti studied at Sacred Heart School in Ranchi, India, an all girls school till the age of fourteen, right before she moved to Los Angeles. This school has created incredible women leaders in various fields. The teachers at this school and the culture of the school shaped her personally to be who she is today. The discipline, the confidence, the knowledge, all were learned at this school. She wishes that the girls in this school would get a head start in STEM, especially in technology. Fifty percent of the proceeds from the sale of her books will be used to fund a technology lab for this school, and her dream is that it will prepare the girls to shine in the field of technology and innovation.

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50% of the proceeds go to developing a technology lab for Sacred Heart School in Ranchi, India, an all girls school.


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