From Executive to Yogi in 60 Seconds From Neeti


From Executive to Yogi in 60 Seconds From Neeti


Have you struggled with stress, living a balanced life, or questioning your purpose as a leader? In Neeti Dewan’s powerful book, she shares secrets and specific techniques that you can use to achieve unparalled personal and professional success.

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About Neeti and Her Cause

Neeti studied at Sacred Heart School in Ranchi, India, an all girls school till the age of fourteen, right before she moved to Los Angeles. This school has created incredible women leaders in various fields. The teachers at this school and the culture of the school shaped her personally to be who she is today. The discipline, the confidence, the knowledge, all were learned at this school. She wishes that the girls in this school would get a head start in STEM, especially in technology. Fifty percent of the proceeds from the sale of her books will be used to fund a technology lab for this school, and her dream is that it will prepare the girls to shine in the field of technology and innovation.


Reviews For The Book

“I have greatly admired Neeti Dewan’s drive and achievements, and have wondered at her ability to maintain a sparkling personality and positive attitude in today’s stressful environment. This book is a roadmap we can all use on our quest for personal fulfillment and success.”
— Jane Adam, General Manager, Global Tax & Trade,

“This book deserves to be in the hands of every employee! It challenges you to new heights and provides practical principles you can put to use immediately.”
— A. Allen Arroyo, Corporate Controller,
IHOP Corp.

“Neeti Dewan’s powerful book is a MUST-READ for all business leaders who want to win in today’s GLOBAL economy.”
— Deepak Chopra, CEO,
OSI Systems

“Neeti Dewan’s book is an easy and entertaining read! I wholeheartedly agree with her that we must focus on being the best at whatever we do, not be driven by a paycheck, and live our lives with a purposeful focus on others at all times.”
— Carl S. DiNicola, Partner,
Ernst & Young

“Neeti Dewan, a top performer in a highly demanding profession, has managed to perform at the highest levels while maintaining an active and balanced life outside of work. In this book, you will learn how to stay on top of your game without sacrificing what is important in life.”
— David Sniezko, Partner,
Ernst & Young

“Beautifully written, Neeti Dewan’s book is full of business and personal leadership strategies which can be used by anyone to
become an effective leader.”
— Tracey Doi, Group Vice President, Chief Financial Officer,
Toyota Motor Sales, USA., Inc.

“From Executive to Yogi in Sixty Seconds is a tool that Corporate America has been waiting for to help motivate and retain its
best employees.”
— Thomas Pucci, Partner,

“Neeti Dewan is that rare individual who meets head-on all the challenges of a demanding career, motherhood and a strong commitment to her community, and does it all with a contagious enthusiasm. Read her book to discover some of her many secrets as to how she manages to accomplish all that she does.”
— William Spina, Director of Taxes,

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50% of the proceeds go to developing a technology lab for Sacred Heart School in Ranchi, India, an all girls school.


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